The Un-Perfect Life That is Still a Joy to Live

May 17th, 2011

saass unperfect life still a joy to live

Why does my life feel so complicated?

Why does “stuff” keep happening to me?

My life will be perfect when…

Sound familiar? I think at one point in time we all question one or more of the above statements. I don’t think we’d be human if we didn’t wonder sometimes “why” it seems that stuff keeps happening to us when our friend’s lives just seem to appear so easy. I don’t think we’d be human if we didn’t think when I have “this” or if I become “this” my life will be perfect.

The reality is and perhaps you’ll agree, that perfect is now, right here in this very moment and not when “so called” perfect arrives because in my books perfect doesn’t exist!

What I do believe is “stuff” happens and yes, there are times when I’ve thought to myself “Really God, you seriously think I need to have this experience as well”, when clearly I’ve thought I’ve had my quota but as someone, not that long ago reminded me of, this is what in life is called “circumstance”. This is the stuff that we can’t control but it is also the stuff that we get to decide what to with, it’s called “choice”.

Life at its best is perfect while it’s un-perfect. In my opinion, it’s all the perfect moments that we accumulate that brings perfect to the journey.

When life feels out of your control, like you’ve had more than your share and the feeling of “why me” sets in. Remember, however hard or unfair your burden feels there is always someone else’s life that is more challenging then yours and chances are that given the opportunity you wouldn’t change places.

Things end. Jobs come and go, friendships change, relationships don’t last and endure and loved ones leave us in death. Its painful and emotional to experience loss but even in our loss we need to remember to find the gift and the joy of the experience.

Perfect doesn’t begin when we have the “so called” right stuff, the right job, the right home, the right partner, the right life. Perfect is choosing to be joyful in the un-perfect.

For all the situations in life that we have the power to change rather than staying stuck in the circumstance, have the courage to move forward and try. If you never try how will you ever know how different things can be and for the things that we can’ t change, again find the gift, there’s always one hidden.

When we choose to find joy, life is always a brighter, better place. For me, it’s the yin and yang, finding the balance and making peace with being good with exactly where I am in this moment. I still find it difficult on occasion to accept the circumstances I can’t change like the loss of my loved ones but I am quickly reminded of the incredible foundation of “chosen” friends who fill my life with love, laughter and encouragement; reminding me daily I am never alone. I promise you, a foundation of just one person that has your back will take you far! Life is perfect and fulfilling with all its bumps and weaves along the way knowing I can choose to change my course when I need to and along the way remembering to embrace all the perfect moments.

Here’s to loving this un-perfect life one perfect moment at a time!


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