The World of Blended Isolation

July 14th, 2011

There are certainly numerous activities that are wonderful to engage in isolation and on our own like  the simplicity of spending time alone, reading, meditating, etc. and for the adventurous –   traveling alone.  Now here, I must admit that for all the things I enjoy in isolation I’m still not someone who enjoys traveling alone, I prefer to travel with someone with whom I can share the wonders of the new and exciting with.  I guess you could say I’m a work in progress although not all things need changing!

Now for all the other times when we’re not quite sure how we exist perhaps without even realizing it we’re actually living in a “world of blended isolation”. I first became aware of the concept years ago when I joined a cycling class at my gym and during one of our rides, the instructor suggested that as much as our ride was an individual journey that we were actually participating in blended isolation.  Whether I was just there for an easy ride or wanting to push myself harder or working to improve my speed I was blended in my effort with the energy of the forty other individuals also participating in the class.  I was in “blended isolation” which meant that along with focusing on my singular effort I could be motivated, inspired and energized by the other riders and with this awareness, ultimately benefit by pushing myself farther than I could possibly on my own.  As with the cycling, this idea of “blended isolation” can be applied with most of our group activities. Yoga is another great example.  A truly insulated practice; as individual as you are regardless of the number of others participating but here again I can tell you that the energy from the other individuals in the class can inspire and feed your practice and help you grow.  For me a yoga class is one of the most obvious ways of validating the energy that we project and exist as.

Taking the thought even further to our life experiences, here again I find myself relating to the idea of blended isolation.  For the moments in life that bring us our deepest sadness, the struggles that seem insurmountable, the ones that truly leave us isolated, alone and separated from others and feeling that this is how it has to be, the truth is, that it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s no question that our journey through any difficult experience is ours to own and we alone heal and grow through the process but when we reach out to others who have had similar occurrences and events in their life we become blended with the common experience and we no longer need to feel the deep pain of aloneness.

It’s amazing to me what a difference we can create for our selves when we choose to look at the way things exist from a different perspective. In a world filled with endless concepts to live by, the idea of blended isolation suits me well.

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