A Healthier YOU – Good Reminders

August 2nd, 2011

Being as healthy as you can, should be a priority.  Does it mean its going to be easy, possibly not  (of course some will argue that easy is a state of mind) but either way the desire to be healthy and accountability are a must.  Some will attack becoming healthier as an “all or nothing task” and this is an all and out commitment to action but I can promise you that doing one thing better, making one change can lead you to the same result.  When it comes to our health there are no easy outs, magic pills, etc.  Patience, commitment and desire and the ability not to become overwhelmed will take you in the right direction.  It’s within reach, it’s yours to own!

1. Resolve To Eat Healthier
Good health begins with good nutrition and nutrition comes primarily from what we eat.  Food items on our grocer’s shelves have often had most of the natural nutrition processed out and harmful additives such as MSG processed in.  It is almost impossible to avoid GMO items, including soy, canola and corn.  Processed and non-organic meat products are particularly harmful and so are unhealthy fats.  Produce is often contaminated by pesticides.  Insure better health by avoiding harmful items and replacing them with nutrient dense whole food items – and make sure to use 100% certified organic food items as much as possible.

2. Resolve To Be More Physically Active
Regular exercise (or physical activity) has a world of health benefits, including making our bones, muscles and entire bodies stronger.  Physical activity is essential for a strong natural immune system.  Thanks to the beneficial hormones and pheromones produced when we exercise, it also makes us feel calmer and happier and is a wonderful way to relieve stress and tension.

3. Resolve To Eliminate Toxins From Home and Body
Thanks to man’s unnatural chemicals and pollution, toxins are everywhere, including our food, air, water and soils.  Though we cannot avoid toxins entirely, we can eliminate many of them by getting rid of toxic household items such as cleansers, pesticides, herbicides, and cosmetics and by replacing those items with natural ones.  Most of the toxins we haven’t avoided can be safely and effectively be eliminated by natural foods, herbs and other means.

4. Resolve To Build A Strong Natural Immune System
The immune system is our natural first line of defense against disease and illness.  In addition to diet and exercise, make sure that you get optimum daily amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  Since today’s food products and mineral-depleted soils make it is next to impossible to get all the nutrients you need from diet alone, consider a good whole foods derived multi-vitamin product as well as a good “superfoods” powder.

5. Resolve To Eliminate Stress From Your Life
You have surely heard the term “stress, the silent killer”.  It’s true!  Stress causes illness and prevents healing. Endeavor to do whatever it takes to remove stress from your life and make your mental attitude your ally.  Meditate, exercise, do yoga, change jobs, find a pleasant hobby – do whatever you must to remove stress and have a positive mental outlook.

6. Resolve To Look First To Nature For Healing And Health Issues
As “The Father of Medicine”, Hippocrates said, “nature is the physician of man”.  Unnatural mainstream medicines often merely mask symptoms by forcing the body to function unnaturally.  Most have side effects which can lead to further other unhealthy conditions.  Avoid getting trapped into managed-for-profits illness and ever increasing medications by looking first to natural healing, as mankind has done for millennia.


  1. Jojoba says:

    Are all of those articles prepared you or did you hire a ghost writer?

    • admin says:

      All the articles filed under Mind,Body, Soul are written by me. The healthy living and healthy living tips are a combination of articles that I’ve written as well as articles that I’ve forwarded and are referenced as such.

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