Discipline and Your Health

September 15th, 2011

What do discipline and our health have to do with one another?   I think that we can all agree that discipline plays a big role in our health and actually in many other areas of our life.  There are not many things that we desire that don’t involve some aspect of discipline.  Whether its saving for your dream vacation and making the decision to put aside some funds every month so that you can have your dream vacation or deciding that the new car you desire means giving up a few things in order to make it happen it all starts with a decision and the motivation or want but its our discipline that ultimately sees us through.

So lets talk about discipline and our health.  It seems when it comes to discipline and our health for some of us, certainly not all, it’s a much bigger struggle then say, saving for the dream trip.  Why is that?  I think when it comes to our health its an all or nothing equation. Unlike the trip we save for which we know is going to take X amount of time, discipline to put the money aside and patience to make it happen we don’t apply these same principles to our health.  In fact some will say I just don’t have any DISCIPLINE when it comes to my health and yet this is not true.  Even if you’ve never saved for a dream vacation, car, etc. as David Wolfe, one of the leading authorities on nutrition would say, “If you brush your teeth every morning, you have DISCIPLINE“.  It’s not an all or nothing proposition and doesn’t have to mean changing your world upside down in order to feel like you’re on track.  We all have discipline, it may be measured differently among each of us but that’s OK as none of us really expects to be the same as the next person.  The exciting part is that discipline in its simplest form can mean making one change.  One change to our health whether its deciding to eat more whole foods, taking a supplement, going for a daily walk, committing to go to the gym, having one less diet pop or fast food meal a week is DISCIPLINE. Now apply patience to the equation and you’re out of the starting blocks!  As you become comfortable with having the discipline to make one change you can start striving to make more changes.  After all, all growth comes from moving forward and getting out of our comfort zone.  It’s also very rewarding to sit back and acknowledge how far you’ve come as you see how much discipline you really do have and with each step along the way improving your health.

I took it upon myself to challenge my own discipline by doing a 7-day raw food detox.  Now to be fair I did have a “partner in crime” and I’m going to admit up front that it made the detox that much easier as I wasn’t going to be the one that couldn’t do it! Was it easy, was it hard, I’ll say it was somewhere in the middle but when it felt hard I rallied my discipline and focused on the days that were already behind me and the fact that with each day I was closer to the end and it was after all only 7 days!  So what did I learn from all of this.  Aside from some personal health discoveries I made it made me realize that pushing myself out of my comfort zone was great!  As someone who two years ago found it difficult to think about doing a single cleanse day and now tries to incorporate a few cleansing days into my routine each month and still on occasion thinks I just don’t have the discipline to do it – a one day cleanse; I now think, WOW, bring it on as I now know I have the discipline to do it.  After completing the 7-day detox I’ve stretched and grown my discipline.

So remember if you brush your teeth each day you have DISCIPLINE! You can make a change towards better health – think of one change today and just do it!  Whether you have the discipline to go big or small know that your body will love you for any and all that you do to improve your health.  Our bodies are amazing instruments of change and it’s never too late to start.  Eat more whole organic foods, move your body, make sure to get enough sleep and spend time with the people you care about and inspire you!  Be willing to challenge yourself and call upon your discipline.  Ask an elite athlete who consistently wins what makes him/her different from the rest and they’ll tell you discipline and the willingness to take on more pain then the other guy!

Living the life of healthy possibilities!

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