Are You Ever To Old?

January 18th, 2012

Are you ever to Old?

If you’re like me this thought has crossed your mind more than once or twice.  I believe we all have moments when we think I’m too old for this or the really big one; I’m too old to start over, maybe if I were younger I’d consider it.  Now granted there may be times when these feelings have a practical place in our thoughts but I’d say more often than not, it’s simply not true.

Generally when I’m thinking that I’m too old for something it’s because I’m feeling tired and uninspired.   It has little to do with age.

It’s especially easy to feel like you’re too old when you’re feeling tired from too many long days and weeks of the daily grind of life or when you’re suffering from a nagging injury, etc. that just won’t go away.  Regardless of age, being physically tired has a big impact on how we feel and can easily drag us down leaving us feeling uninspired.

Now what I do think impacts our thoughts of “being too old” is when we hit the wall of feeling uninspired with life.  This is where I think our thoughts create the limitations of thinking we’re too old to do this or that.  It feels like we’ve gotten onto a one-way road with no exits when more often than not it’s just that we can’t see the exit signs but they’re there.  Life gets off track from time to time but they are just moments and we can get past them.

The simple act of being physical, getting to the gym, getting outdoors, doing something to break a sweat can give us the clarity we need to re-inspire our day.  Feeding our bodies a healthy diet can create the mental health we need to sustain a better state of well-being and the great news is that when we on our own can’t change the way we feel there is inspiration all around us!

It wasn’t that long ago that my ninety year uncle suggested to me that perhaps at ninety he was too old, after all this past year he’s had ammonia, a blood clot in his leg and an irritating hip problem.  Of course none of these issues are fun for anyone to deal with at any age and we all know that you don’t have to be ninety to suffer any of them.  But here’s the thing, at first I could think to agree with him after all ninety is getting up there but as we chatted, I reminded him that not that many months back the excitement of purchasing a new family cottage had him out with his chain saw clearing trees day after day until he felt satisfied with a job well done and the summer before at 89 when we were all gathered for a family reunion with the opportunity to visit with friends and family he stayed out later than any of us combined, danced until the sun came up and made it to almost every single event that was scheduled.  Bottom line, none of us so called “younger” individuals kept up with him!  So ninety has had a few more moments along the way than eighty-nine did but with ninety-one just around the corner who’s to say with some daily inspiration ninety-one won’t be a piece of cake!

So final food for thought, if we take the time to “stop” thinking we’re too old for things and perhaps stay focused on finding the things that inspire us, motivate us and give us joy then perhaps we’ll never have to stop and think about how old we’re getting and just keep getting on with getting on with this beautiful thing called life!

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