Living Fearless in 2012

January 18th, 2012

Will you be fearless in 2012?

It’s the start of a new year.  The time to ponder what resolutions and goals we’ll set for ourselves and how we’ll make this year different and perhaps even better then the previous one.  With renewed hope and desire for change we’ll jump in both feet first and see what happens!

Like many of you I’ve thought about and taken time to set my goals for the year; everything from making simple changes to my heart’s desires.  Some I know will be easy to achieve like my desire to maintain and continue to improve my health.  Over the years I’ve seen the results that focusing on my health have brought me so for me this is now much more of a habit than anything else so making tweaks and adjustments have simply become a matter of doing it, not over thinking it and staying the course.  In other words, this is not as much of a challenge for me as other things on the list which means it’s also a good measuring stick to show me that I’m capable of making change, measuring results small or large and seeing success.  I believe we all have our things that we’re capable of achieving somewhat easily however what about the ones that don’t seem to move off the list?  What is it that holds us back from breaking through?  At the bottom of it all I can only find one common denominator – fear!  Fear will stop us in our tracks every time!

Good or bad fear has a way of holding us in a death grip and ultimately if we don’t acknowledge it holding us back from our best expression of ourselves.  I’m talking about the goals that are our deepest desires that just thinking about them make us break out in a sweat!  The big stuff, the stuff that’s as unique to us as we are each an individual and how we achieve them.  Significant change means letting go of who we are now and embracing the possibility of something better for ourselves and remembering that better doesn’t always mean success in the way we think.  It’s about stretching ourselves outside of our comfort zone knowing that even if we fail we haven’t failed because we are always successful in trying.  Being fearless means confronting and letting go of the “monkey talk” in our head that gives us every negative thought as to why what we desire can’t happen.  Things like fearing what others might think or say of us and of course our own thoughts of fearing who we might become and what that will mean to ourselves as we’ve become too comfortable in identifying ourselves in the skin we’re in.  So get comfortable with the uncomfortable and take the leap to where all growth happens – in the uncomfortable.  Find a new dialogue to have with your self beyond the fear.  Acknowledge that fear shows up on a daily basis, you can’t hide from it and with that decide to “feel the fear and do it anyway”!  Make 2012 the year that you step beyond your fear, your excuses and decide there is nothing that you can’t achieve.  Motivate yourself to be magnificent and powerful. If there are only two emotions at the root of any feeling; fear or love then consciously approach this year from a place of love.  Be present and liberate yourself from fear so that you can shine brighter for others.  After all; if not now; then when?


  1. Laurel says:

    Thank you for being real. You have motivated me to take some quiet time to think about my fears and if they are getting in my way of achieving my goals or living the life I want to life! Identifying, admitting, dealing with fear will allow me to move forward in life in many areas in my life! Thank you and I will keep you posted on the process.

  2. Cheryl says:

    Beautiful…I am learning to do everything out of love instead of fear. So different than what most of us are use to. It takes practice like most other things. Thanks for sharing these powerful learnings!

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