Inspired Living: Design Tips For Your Home

February 9th, 2012

Whether you’re stepping into a new home or wanting to reinvent yourself in your existing space SAASS can assist you.  However small or large your desired change is, it will impact and enhance how you feel about your space. Whether its a fresh coat of paint, a few new pieces and accessories all blended beautifully together with your favourite existing pieces or starting from scratch on a new canvas its about finding a way to bring out your personal reflection of who you are into your home.

With or without a designer a few design tips to follow:

Trends – First and foremost if a trend doesn’t speak to you then it’s not you!  If you are feeling the connection to a current trend, at the moment think industrial/rustic then by all means invest in a few pieces that will give you the feel but when the trend is over it won’t leave you stuck with an entire room that speaks to “that was so 2012” and finding yourself in a time warp!

Quality Over Quantity – If budget is a consideration, I say take as much of your budget as you can and use it on your investment pieces, the pieces you’ll be able to live with for years to come like your sofa, dining room table and chairs, etc.  Things like rugs, occasional tables, art, and accessories are all things that I like to say can be faked “so to speak” until you find yourself in a place to make the investment.

Less Is More – It’s important to find the right balance of how much “stuff” does your room need.  My rule of thumb is when in doubt less is more, its always easier to purchase additional pieces if required rather than have to take away after the fact.  If your room is tight on space look for pieces that are multifunctional and can play double duty.

Colour – An easy change to make with a huge impact.  Key is to pick colour that you love and you can live with.  It’s not about what everyone else is doing!

Remember its about having your home reflect your personal style and inspire your life!

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