Permission To Love

February 8th, 2012

Do we need permission to love? Ask the heart and the answer will be a definite NO, ask the mind and the answer may not be so clear.

I believe at the core of our being we love from only one place, our heart. If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience a loving relationship as child to parent or parent to child then I need not say more, you understand unconditional love. A love, that exists within our heart deep within our soul, with no terms and conditions to be played out by the mind. We expect nothing yet offer everything.

So why is it then when it comes to romantic love or the possibility of romantic love that this is so hard to apply? Why do we allow the mind to become so involved when we should just let the heart lead? If we allow the heart to lead then we come from our feeling place of existence, our soul. The heart feels what it feels, it doesn’t set conditions for how it feels, it doesn’t ask for anything to be reciprocated and with that is willing to risk being denied.

It’s when we lead with our mind that we find ourselves in trouble. Confused, surprised and even embarrassed when we find out the other person has feelings of love towards us when our mind is thinking I didn’t give this person any reason or better still permission to feel love towards me. It seems to me that when we proceed with our mind we create the how, when, why and where of our feelings about love. We set conditions, define the rules and in this same vane decide outcomes our heart would never agree to. We decide that love is a choice. Perhaps to somehow protect us in the event that love breaks our heart but here again I believe if we listened deep within, the heart would tells us that love will change us but it need not destroy us.

Not every love will or is meant to develop into a long lasting relationship. Romantic relationships of love at best can be complicated but to whatever degree we create our relationships of love, be it short term, a lifetime or a mere deep friendship I believe that we should be open to letting our heart dominate and letting our over thinking mind take a backseat. Allowing feelings of love to exist, as they should. If we stop and simply let ourselves enjoy being in the moment we’d find ourselves in a place of expansion and understanding of the capacity the heart holds for love. If we are willing to open ourselves up, shine our heart in truth, kindness and empathy to another then at minimum the only possible expression back would and should be love. We need not be so cautious.

However large our love grows into is the beauty of the journey of our many or few romantic adventures we’ll experience in this lifetime. At the core of who we are I believe that love is not a choice but a gift given to the soul to treasure. In loving someone there is goodness and in goodness we find our most powerful magic. And a soul filled with magic will sing forever. Love is simply creation’s greatest gift not meant to be taken out on special occasions but to be experienced as often as the day is long from the moment we wake till we close our eyes and begin again. If we are to live this life to our fullest expression shouldn’t we desire to experience love from the core of its existence, our heart. From my heart to yours, I love you always, no permission required.

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