Are You Living In The Shadows

March 19th, 2012

When it comes to living your life, are you living in the shadows rather than in your truth?

I had an amazing reminder this past week that not everything that we believe to be the truth or to be real, is so. When we stand in the shadows of our life our perception of our reality and what we believe to be true can become distorted. The shadows can lure and trick our mind into believing that what we see is as real as our own bodies. If we can strive to be present in our life, challenge our thoughts then I believe we have the opportunity to move away from the darkness and stand in the light of day.

The shadows are being in the state of mind where we allow our doubting mind, our fearful mind and our negative thoughts to create our perceived reality and truth. It’s the state of being that holds us back from moving forward with our life because we’ve become so attached and stuck to living in the shadows of our created truth. This is ever present when we fuel our created truth with a good dose of fear. This combination is like a lethal drug for keeping us from seeing that the shadows are not real.

There can be many reasons for our desire to stay in the shadows. The fear of pain, rejection, loss and the unknown are great anchors for holding us back. It’s that moment in our life that could be compared to theatre. Theatre where by you’ve written the script, you carry the leading role, you’re the director of the production and you’re the only one in the audience. It’s the story of our life that we’ve become so attached to that no one else will buy a ticket to the play but we on the other hand keep showing up and buying a front row seat.

So how do we step out of the shadows? Well, sometimes it can be as simple as realizing that it’s just not much fun sitting in the audience all by yourself and even you’ve gotten bored with the story. It’s that moment when we decide its time for change and we become motivated to make a change. Even the smallest change creates momentum of forward movement and any time we move forward I believe is a step in right direction. If you can’t find or recognize it in yourself then hopefully you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life willing to risk and trust in your relationship to nudge you in the right direction or be brutally honest and provide the reality check you can’t see for yourself. The bottom line here is whether you’re able to be open, willing to listen and not become reactive and defensive. You can hardly open a new door; make a change in your life if you’re committed to living in the shadows of your created truth. At the end of the day we create the life of our choosing. Our desire for change, our ability to move forward can start by acknowledging that in the light of day the shadows don’t exist!

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  1. Brian says:

    Someone (A friend and a client – yes, there are such combinations) posted this, somewhere:

    Without culture, no growth.
    Without friction, no polish.
    Without labor, no knowledge.
    Without action, no progress.

    Kind of, fits here, methinks :-)


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