Patience, Young Grasshopper!

March 23rd, 2012

Patience can be a difficult word for many of us to swallow but it’s worth practicing and finding a way to weave into your day.

Regardless of how I look at my day, whether it’s from a personal or professional aspect I realize in order to find success and balance it doesn’t work without a little patience.

Playing with finding your patience is like a beautiful tango, in one moment you’re completely in sync with the idea and in the next moment you’re challenging the very thought of it.  Living in a world that seems day by day to leave us with less room for patience doesn’t seem to help the equation either.  We live in a world where the need for things to happen instantly is now the norm and where results that take more than a breath are unacceptable.   Simple tasks like dialing a phone, in my childhood we had a rotary dial and we had to wait for the rotation to complete and return before dialing the next number.  Now we store numbers and press one button to dial and make a call.  Somehow I think all these great conveniences and shortcuts have created even more of an edge for our impatience.

We’ve lost our ability to take a deep breath and remember that sometimes the best things, the best results and the things that matter most to us take a little time and patience.  Admittedly I haven’t always been the most patient of persons and trust me I have friends that will attest to some of my “need to have it now and why hasn’t my stress facture healed yet” escapades.  Thankfully perhaps with age I’ve become a little wiser and at least for the most part can now find the balance of inviting a little daily patience into my day.

As a designer, patience is equal and on par with the creative process.  More often than not it seems that I can see and create a space in my head but creating it in reality is an entirely different process.  Finding and sourcing pieces always takes more time and effort than imagined and then there’s ultimately the fact that sometimes you just can’t find what you’re looking for and you have to start over.  Patience becomes an engaging word with my clients especially when ultimately with a little patience they can realize their goal, a space that reflects their wants, their needs and desires.

If we’re ever to really challenge our patience then I don’t believe we have to look any further than our health.  Whether you’re trying to achieve a weight goal, recover from an injury, improve in a sport and take things to the next level then you’ve likely found yourself needing to hang onto to a little patience.  I know from personal experience any health issues I’ve had to deal with became much more tolerable and achievable with a good dose of patience.  Trying to compare our results with the person next to us never works.  After all, we are each as unique as we are individual and therefore our bodies speak a language that is specific to only us.   I always find it best, to stay focused on the long-term goal, stay the course knowing you’re doing what needs to be done and with time and patience the results will follow.

So the next time you’re feeling a little impatient, let your inner, “wise one” speak to you and remind you, “Patience Young Grasshopper”.  Seems to me, even the littlest of patience will change the direction of your day for the better!

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