A Balanced Life?

October 19th, 2012

A balanced life, is there such a thing?

Are you striving for what we’ve all come to refer to as work-life balance?

The other day by good a friend of mine reminded me that there is no such thing as work-life balance.  Not only is life continually out of balance but the idea of work-life balance is not something that resonates with our feelings thus making it even more unachievable for us to imagine.

First off, we process our thoughts through images and feelings.  If I said to you, think about a loved one, your husband, your child, you would immediately have an image of that person appear and with that an associated feeling – most likely the feeling of love.
The same could be said about your car, your home, etc.  The pattern is the same, we always connect to our images and feelings.

So, if I ask you to think about work-life balance, is there an image and a feeling that resonates with you?  Not likely.  However, if I suggest that you use the word, harmony, I believe you can find both an image and a feeling that does resonate.

I believe that life is never in balance and there is no such thing as finding work-life balance as there is always some chaos and unbalance that exists in the day-to-day but life works and is acceptable if you can focus on harmony and finding a rhythm that allows you to exist in the off-balance.  There will always be parts of your life that feel like they’re heavy and overpowering the rest while other parts feel light and simple.  Imagine if you can, an orchestra with all its different parts.  On their own, certain instruments sound obnoxiously loud and seem to overpower all the rest while the other instruments seem so quiet that you have to wonder if they’re even being heard, yet when they are all played together, each part, each unique sound creates a beautiful harmony and a rhythm that allows us to enjoy the sum of all its parts.  Let harmony into your life, find a rhythm, a way to flow through the off-balance and enjoy the sum of all the parts that make up your life!

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