Aki Choklat for Lahtiset

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aki choklat Felt Boots by Lahtiset canada eco footwear

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saappas tall boot
saappas tall boot

Wool footwear by Lahtiset

Felt footwear is united with nature – pure wool materials ensure that the footwear does not contaminate the environment. Wool felt feels both soft and warm on the feet and yet very light and breathable. When made in the hands of professionals, a pair of felt footwear is like two unique individuals, ready to step into service.

Every pair of boots which depart from the Lahtiset Factory proudly represents the long traditions of the Lahtinen family’s history, even though the yearly production has expanded up to thousands of pairs of boots. Even today, the felt boots are made carefully, step by step by hand, as modern machinery is not able to carry out most of the working phases accurately enough.

Felt boots are manufactured by hand from pure lamb wool, which is the best material for making felt boots. The whole manufacturing process is based on the felting capacity of wool.

“The felting process is like a manipulated chaos, which is based on the fact that the wool fibers become tangled. The felter tries to influence the process with machinery ensuring that the tangling of fibers progresses in the desired way.”

Where Can You Get a Pair?

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