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Healthy Living begins with the most important product;
YOU and your desire to live the best life possible.

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Healthy living products should be a part of your journey towards a healthy body, mind and spirit. Due to lifestyle choices, stress and the lack of purity in the world we live in, it is nearly impossible to get the nutrients, minerals and essential oils the body requires. The gift of healthy living and our products is to provide you with the opportunity to take your health to the next level assisting your body to stay balanced and sharp.

Healthy Living Products

If we are looking for sustainable health for the long term than the decisions we make become more powerful in determining the results we get.  Sustainable health cannot be achieved without recognizing that the world we live in has changed.  The air we breathe, the water we consume and the food we eat is not what it was even 50 years ago.  We live in a chemical and toxin loaded world and this is effecting our health.  Hippocrates said “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”  Our bodies are looking only to sustain optimal health for us, the body is not looking for calories, it’s looking for nutrients and minerals – in other words a nutrient dense diet.  Foods that are whole and natural, unprocessed, organic, unpasteurized dairy, fermented foods, healthy fats along with healthy movement and a positive attitude.

A strong foundation starts with including the best products possible:

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Nutritional cleansing products that are whole foods, undernatured, nutrient dense, mineral rich, nothing artificial – no additives, no artificial flavours.  No compromise products that are the pillar for optimal health.  Learn more at

auum logoA raw whole fresh natural mammalian formula of omegas in a 1:1 ratio of omega 6 and 3.  Contains the vital omega 3 DPA and a natural source of vitamin D3 using a sublingual application.  Processed using low heat, no chemicals making it stable.  Naturally toxin free.  Has Natural Product Number (NPN)

Healthy Living Support

If you’re on the journey to a healthier life and not wanting to do it alone. Join us on our next ISAWARRIORS challenge for support emails, tips and motivation. The results will be yours alone to own but the journey will be anything but on your own.

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